To all the Rude Guests

Angel Mendieta Moreno
2 min readMay 1, 2021


Isn’t it funny how some people treat service industry employees?

I mean, it’s not inherently funny, but it’s so bad that if you’ve worked in the service industry before, you’ll laugh at these instances…with time.

I’ve worked every job in the foodservice industry and come across different types of people. Pleasant and unpleasant.

The big baller who treats you like a pest—the kind that says “Hi, it’s your pleasure to meet me.” The type who is really a cheapskate and will argue with you about prices, as if you made them up arbitrarily in your head and, my favorite, the big baller who doesn’t even acknowledge your presence and chucks his card at you to close his bill out.

“It’s my pleasure, big-baller.”

You also encounter the person who really shouldn’t be eating out because of their many dietary restrictions.

“No, sir, we don’t have a gluten-free-keto beer that is also paleo-friendly.”

People that expects you to read their mind and know what they want.

“I’m sorry you said medium-well, even though you meant well-done. How stupid of me.”

But I won’t lie, I have to thank rude guests because they make good customers that much better. People that have really become fond of me, and I of them. Guests that became family; a temporary solace where I could let my guard down and smile—and mean it. I wish I could’ve given them everything “on the house”.

If, at the end of the day, none of what I learned working in the service industry sticks, at least I learned how to make a margarita…I think.



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